Introducing Gulp WP Toolkit

I’ve been using Gulp on WordPress theme builds for a while now. When I started using it, I started simply – I created a Gulpfile.js in my starter theme which contained all of the tasks I needed.

Essential PostCSS Packages

I use Gulp as a build tool to automate a lot of the mundane tasks involved with creating WordPress themes and there are many Gulp packages to take care of everything from generating translation files, to compiling SCSS into CSS. PostCSS packages are JavaScript based, and can be utilised by any build tool (Gulp, Grunt, […]

How I use Gulp when developing WordPress themes

I’ve built a lot of WordPress themes over the years, and the quality of my work has been improving gradually as I’ve learnt new techniques and embraced new technologies. One major leap over the past year has been my use of the Gulp task runner. I’ve been able to use it for a number of […]