Restrict Content Pro login redirect based on user role

On a recent membership project using Restrict Content Pro, it had been determined that all website users (front-end users, as well as administrators and editors) would log in from a page on the front end of the website. Users were then forwarded to their account page on the front end. However, where the user was a website administrator or editor they would have preferred to be sent to the website backend instead.

Luckily, Restrict Content Pro has a useful filter, rcp_login_redirect_url, that I could leverage to make this happen. With some additional logic, it’s was possible to redirect users to different locations based on their user role.

add_filter( 'rcp_login_redirect_url', __NAMESPACE__ . '\\login_redirect', PHP_INT_MAX, 2 );
* @param string $redirect URL to redirect user to.
* @param object $user WP_User object
* @return mixed
function login_redirect( $redirect, $user ) {
$logged_in_user = get_userdata( $user->ID );
if ( ! isset( $logged_in_user->roles ) || ! is_array( $logged_in_user->roles ) ) {
wp_die( 'You have no role assigned.' );
$redirects = [
* If there is no explicit 'redirect_to' given, each role
* will fallback to the following ordered redirects upon
* logging in.
* role => redirect
'administrator' => admin_url(),
'subscriber' => home_url( 'members-area' ),
// Fallback to user role default redirect.
foreach ( $redirects as $role => $redirect ) {
if ( in_array( $role, $logged_in_user->roles ) ) {
return $redirect;
// No fallback found for role, so proceed as normal.
return $redirect;
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