Simple Search Rewrite

I released another super-simple plugin at the weekend which converts the standard WordPress search query URL into a ‘pretty-permalink’ style.

Until now I have been including the code to do this inside a core functionality plugin, or within theme files, however it makes more sense to split this code out into small, focused plugins which can be switched on and off easily.

Before using this plugin, when performing a WordPress search your URL will end up like:

With my Simple Search Rewrite plugin activated, this will be converted to:

While this isn’t exactly an earth-shattering advancement in the plugin world, it’s a simple and useful feature which I will use on most (if not all) of my WordPress projects.

If you’d like to offer any feedback, or if you use the plugin and find an issue, the code is freely available on Github, or you can ask for support on the WordPress Plugin Repository.

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